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Summer Deals!

EESystem Try-Out Discount
2 hours €50

Follow Up Sessions
2 hours €90-

At Energise-Me we guide you towards vitality and balance. We work with personal consultations and modern technology such as EESystem, Quest9, Tesla, Oligoscan and Biophotons.

"An EESystem session leads to mental calm and increased clarity. Our clients experience physical rejuvenation, improved mood and energetic cleansing."


Exceptional technology from the USA, with exceptional results.

16 systems

opening hours :

Wed to Sunday

from 12 noon to 8 p.m

Closed Monday and Tuesday

Quest 9

Unexplained complaints can certainly be traced back to cause and solution,

At Energise-Me we guide you towards vitality and balance with modern scanning equipment.

Quest9 is part of every consultation.

In de natuurgeneeskunde werken we met het zelfgenezend vermogen van het lichaam

We trace complaints such as fatigue, insomnia, pain, weight gain, memory loss, intestinal problems, anxiety and hormonal disturbances to the source cause of the imbalance and create a clear plan for recovery.

Multiwave Oscillator

The Tesla Multiwave Oscillator

Local treatment on, among other things, foot reflex points stimulates the organs and helps relieve stress painlessly



Examines tissue values of

20 minerals,

17 toxic metals

7 vitamins

results immediately on the table, no blood required.

So/check Oligo scan, the most innovative check
for your health

Without delay, painless and non-invasive, concentrations of minerals, vitamins and toxic metals in the tissue are detected to gain new insights and recommendations for optimizing your health.

Personal Consultations

The body is a complex whole in which countless processes take place every day. When elements are out of balance, they affect the whole. Finding the cause is often a long and frustrating search.

At Energise-Me we guide you quickly towards a solution. You will immediately receive the treatments, scan results and the plan during the intake consultation.

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