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In naturopathy we work with the body's self-healing capacity

We trace complaints such as fatigue, insomnia, pain, weight gain, memory loss, intestinal problems, anxiety and hormonal disturbances to the source cause of the imbalance and create a clear plan for recovery.


The Tesla Multiwave Oscillator

Local treatment on, among other things, foot reflex points stimulates the organs and helps relieve stress painlessly

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Examines tissue values of

20 minerals,

17 toxic metals

7 vitamins

results immediately on the table, no blood required.

So/check Oligo scan, the most innovative check
for your health

Without delay, painless and non-invasive, concentrations of minerals, vitamins and toxic metals in the tissue are detected to gain new insights and recommendations for optimizing your health.

Personal Consultations

The body is a complex whole in which countless processes take place every day. When elements are out of balance, they affect the whole. Finding the cause is often a long and frustrating search.

At Energise-Me we guide you quickly towards a solution. You will immediately receive the treatments, scan results and the plan during the intake consultation.

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