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Oligoscan en Detox

Oligoscan is a medical scanning device that works by means of photospectrometry on the tissue of the palm. The graphs below are the scan results of Oligoscan. This is a simple scanning method that is performed quickly, cheaply and completely painlessly. The scanner uses a combination of body height, weight and blood type to calibrate the measurement.

Detoxification or detoxification is a complex interplay between toxins and the relevant binding agents, not to mention the body's ability to eliminate! Our organs are sensitive to stress and they work closely with each other. In practice, this means that one person detoxes within 2 months, and another person takes a year. Our liver has a regular detoxification pattern via biotransformation, namely phases 1, 2 and 3. In some people, these phases are not completed autonomously due to a disturbance in an organ system, with the result that the toxins only increase. In such cases it may be necessary to first remove this blockage systematically, before the liver can carry out its detoxification correctly again. These complicating factors undoubtedly contribute to the discussion whether detoxification works at all or not, after all, for some people there initially seems to be no movement, which gives people the idea that it "doesn't work". Remember that you have spent decades building the situation as it is now, and that in natural medicine we can solve every disturbance step by step backwards in order to ultimately regain our balance.


Mineral Report

In the mineral report we see exactly which minerals fall within the standard and which require attention. There are often logical connections between symptoms and deficiencies. Replenishing these deficiencies can, for example, help eliminate heavy metals (which, for example, lowers inflammation levels and relaxes the nervous system) and, for example, improve liver function or improve our mood.
The great thing is that minerals can in many cases bind heavy metals. A good example of this can be seen with the toxin aluminum and the mineral Silica. Aluminum is high, and Silicon is low. If we now start taking silicon, we will see the aluminum value drop. (see graph below).
During the consultation you will also get an idea of nutrients that are rich in building blocks and toxins, so that you are less likely to become imbalanced in the future.

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