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What's Fruit got to do with it ?

Asking a Gorilla could be hairy, but would give you a straight answer

Gorilla's feed mainly on fruit.

aren't they missing the proteine's ?

well they also eat some plant leaf...

What does our ultimate building block look like ?

Aminio Acids

Where do we get that ?

Fruit !

What happend to proteins ?

Proteins need to be broken down in to amino acids, before they become useable building blocks.

Veggies are a simple protein to convert, this is also a great choice.

animal based food, seeds and nuts are the complex type (slow, needs work wich can be challenging for a sick body)

So if you are sick, the fastest way out is fruit,

simply because a sick body is loaded with acids, worms, lymphatic, liver, kidney stagnation etc

Making things easy and clean in the digestive tract cleans out the organs, and helps restore optimal health.

Fruit is already readier than ready

So eating fruit is like fast food

immediate, ready to roll building blocks. fast absorption, kidney cleansing, lymphatic cleansing,

hydrating, oxygenating, energising, very easy to digest, leaving hardly any waste in the body, summertime weight loss, easy, flexible, alkalising, delicioush !

How do i implement this in my daily life ?

If you are sick you want to detox slowly, but steady

fruit is a fast way, but for some it can cleanse to fast resulting in detox discomfort or worse

so be gentle, and alternate with some heavier food if you need to.

Keep it simple: start of your day with fruit.

Avoid drinking fruit, rather chew it well so you will digest the carbo hydrates.

Exception: Lemon juice in water


Watermelon all you can eat, the super hero fruit.

apple cider vinagar in water, 2 tablespoons per day, weight loss, improve fat digestion, prepares towards livercleansing


After some time you might even considder skipping lunch





any fruits are great !


If you are uncomforteable with fruit all the time, add in some veggies

make a party, make it sexy, but dont make it rigid.

For deepest cleansing build up slowly towards fruit only

How long should i do this ?

There are no limits, but for most people it makes sence to do this as a cleans during spring or summertime. Duration depends on what you can handle, and are willing to do.

a day, a week, maybe 3 or even 6 weeks.

I will be starving, undernourished, underweight, ungrounded, etc ?

No, you will be well fed, and you will be free to add in other foods as desired

think spirulina (best protein in ever)

Play with it, you will alway be a winner !

Taking away the most poluting types of food from your diet will give you good results quit fast.

Sugar, Soy, Corn, Graines, Factory food, sunflower oil, dairy, bread, pasta, even the gluten free stuff will set you back.

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